Mindy Cherri & Charles Krafft @ J. Flynn Gallery

2 Responses to “Mindy Cherri & Charles Krafft @ J. Flynn Gallery”
  1. James says:

    I like how you’re now doing videos with the art. If I ever think of doing videos on my blog, then I’d be consider a biter. And we know biters get complete disrespect. My J. Flynn images will probably go up on Sunday. You beat me to it. As always. You’re the better man.

  2. whodareswings says:

    Thanks for posting a video of this show. Song is appropriate, I couldn’t make the opening so this
    helps me visualize what it looked like. Plus, I like to waste time tracking myself on the web because it tricks me into feeling like my life is more exciting than it actually is. Being on TV
    confirms existance. Only a toothache can tell you more about yourself.
    Best from Seattle
    “Imperial City of the information Age”
    Charlie Krafft

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