I've been in Holland for the past week and a half with Finishing School. We are in an exhibition here called De Zone. We have been staying in the former red light district in a city called Arnhem. It is about an hour by train from Amsterdam. We have been having such a nice time. Our hosts have been very gracious. This is probably one of the best trip I've been on aside from the one I took to Japan. I've been chronicling the trip on my blog, so head over there if you're curious.

So this past Wednesday we all took a break from working on pieces for the exhibition and headed out to Germany. We visited a town called Oberhausen, which is about 20 minutes from Arnhem. To give you another references, it is 40 Km from Dusseldorf.

It is quite an interesting city. It is a former factory town. The local government has been able to repurposed old decommissioned factory structures for new used. Gasometer is an old gas silo for a nearby factory. Now it has been turned into a museum.

Another place we visited that's like that is Landschaftspark. It was originally a steel mill. Now it has been turned into a city park. The juxtoposition between factory and nature is quite interesting.

Currently they have a show up of satellite images. I don't normally look at these types of pictures, but they were quite interesting.


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