Animal Magnetism @ OCCCA

While you're doing the artwalk this Saturday, check out this group exhibition at OCCCA. I'll probably be hanging out there most of the night since my friend Juan Thorp is included in the show.

Animals, real and imaginary. We fear
them, pamper them, tame them, trap them, eat them, lobby on their
behalf, experiment on them, strut them as status symbols, and
exterminate them. How do contemporary artists represent them?

the caves of Lascaux, to the halls of the Louvre, there is no escaping
them. With their long pedigree in the history of art, they prowl the
great museums of the world. And today, animals leap from the work of
contemporary artists, symbolically expressing their ideas and emotions.
OCCCA's terrific exhibition space will showcase a menagerie of superb
examples of this trend, from the traditional to the avant-garde, from
the realistic to the fantastic, in painting, drawing, sculpture,
photography, video and new media


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