Little Pharma Drug Run

Drug Run
Grab your fixed gear, your beach cruiser, your old ten speed, or your tricycle just grab something because Thursday night is the Little Pharma Drug Run.

Starting at MOCA, participants will first meet for a costume-making
workshop and other activities. Dressed as their favorite
pharmaceuticals, they will then embark on a group tour of the
late-night drugstores of downtown Los Angeles. The event will culminate
at Fringe Exhibitions in Chinatown, which will be hosting an
incarnation of Finishing School’s Little Pharma, an interdisciplinary
project investigating alternative medicines and lifestyles as viable
antidotes to some of the drug industry’s pathologies. Little Pharma is
on view at Fringe Exhibitions from October 11 through November 8.

All the info can be had HERE.

One Response to “Little Pharma Drug Run”
  1. Todd says:

    Dressed as their favorite pharmaceuticals? What is this for?