Hard Times For OCMA

Most of the financial drama circling museums has been coming out of LA but it seems some of the bad news is starting to bleed into Orange County. Looks like OCMA has delayed the upcoming Diebenkorn show 6 months due to financial reasons. Orange County already had shaky support for its arts organizations during the good times. Things could get pretty ugly around here before it gets better. More to come I'm sure.

One Response to “Hard Times For OCMA”
  1. Reading the article, it actually looks like the touring schedule for the show–which will also generate revenue–is as much a part of the decision as the budget is. I’m not sure the story suggests any funding crisis at OCMA, although they must be counting their pennies, as are arts organizations across the country and world. Even the Getty is attempting to reduce operating costs, due to stock market losses the endowment saw in 2008.

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