Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre @ Hibbleton Gallery

Hibbleton Gallery is pleased to announce its February art opening, “Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre: Selected Cuts by Wilhelm Staehle.”  The opening reception is Friday, February 6 from 7-11pm.  

The artist known as Wilhelm Staehle was selected as one of Print Magazine's Top Twenty Designers Under Thirty (aka the New Visual Artist’s Award), won two Adobe Acheivement awards for Design and Illustration, and has had work included in numerous Print Magazine Design Annuals.  He has been included multiple times in AIGA's 50 Books/50 covers event.  Books Staehle’s illustration and typography work have been featured in include: ORNAMENTAL TYPE by Steven Heller and Gail Anderseon, ILLUSIVE 2 and FULLY BOOKED, both by Gestalten.  He has designed book covers for high-profile authors such as Michael Chabon, Michael Crichton, Kat Von D, Christopher Moore, and Christopher Buckley.  His book cover for The Yiddish Policeman's Union by Michael Chabon was included in EW's list of 25 New Classic Book Covers.  His “Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre” work was featured in the French Art and Design magazine, Etapes.

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