Trouble @ artLA??

Today I was contacted by Luis De Jesus from Seminal Projects who informed me that he applied to enter artLA last spring and that he paid the $2,000 refundable deposit required by Artfairs, Inc. Well it seems Seminal Projects did not make it into the fair and according to Luis they still have not been paid back their $2,000 refundable deposit. He also mentioned that Tim Fleming has left Artfairs, Inc., and Luis alleges that Tim mentioned that there were other galleries also calling trying to get their deposits back.

Does anybody else know about this?

I'm well aware that in the very opaque art world, art fair participation is very important to the success of a gallery. So it would make sense that maybe there are multiple galleries out there that are owed money by Artfairs, Inc. but are afraid to go on record like Luis, because they don't want to ruin a future opportunity to participate in future fairs produced by Art Fairs, Inc.

 So if you're owed money by Artfairs, Inc. We want to hear from you.

And Artfairs, Inc. Luis wants his money back.

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