Forever Fullerton at Fullerton Museum Center

If you like the mid-century style that inspires SHAG, just think, people used to live in homes like that.  Ultra-hip lamps and couches, now the holy grail of flea market fans, were once the hallmark of suburban living.  This forever cool, mid-century standard is on display at the Fullerton Museum Center, captured in black and white images by architectural photographer Julius Shulman.  In Forever Fullerton: Julius Shulman photographs of backyards, schools, living rooms, and kitchens from the 1950s and 1960s hang in the gallery.  Not quite postcards, but not too intimate every photo makes me wish I was there.  Beyond the Bauhaus influences, boomerang patterns, flagstone patios and Eames furniture that appear throughout the images I can imagine Schwinn bicycles, Hula Hoops and “Avon Calling.”  While the photographs successfully capture a nostalgic charm the highlight of the exhibit is a mid-century living room assembled in the middle of the exhibit.  Part Sears showroom, part prize package from Let’s Make a Deal, part Shag painting the living room set includes furniture, paintings, architecture and accessories from the era. The only thing missing is Buddy Holly on his Fender Guitar.

Forever Fullerton: Julius Shulman closes July 19, 2009

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  1. There are also some great photographs by Julius Shulman. Curious, I drove around the old Forever Fullerton housing tract, and found some of the homes and schools Shulman originally photographed.

  2. Mathew Gill says:

    Above photograph is very nice.Everything’s have been fully cleared
    by Julius Shulman.Julius Shulman have exhibited all things which is required in decoration of House and School.This is such witness of Mid Century.

  3. Sandra Pale says:

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