The OC Art Blog Welcomes New Writers

It our effort to expand and increase coverage of the dynamic Orange County/Long Beach art scenes, the OC Art Blog has convinced a few local folks to work for free bringing you the latest and greatest of the happenings in our great county. Without further ado here are the new members of the A team, if you see them on the street be sure to say hello:

Krystal Krystal Glasman graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a B.A. in Art Education.  She's currently completing her M.A. in Exhibition Design and working at Grand Central Art Center. She eats a lot of cereal and shop's at Ross.

Johhny Director and Curator at The Box gallery in Costa Mesa, Johnny Sampson
has been working in the arts for over 10 years. Having spent time as an
independent children’s book writer, art model, curatorial researcher,
exhibition designer, preparator, and curator, he has worked with many
galleries, artists, and collectors
and still calls OC home.

Joanna Joanna Grasso joins the team in July as soon as she gets back from one of her many international trips. Joanna wears many hats including writer, curator, artist and studio director.

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  1. Thinh Nguyen says:

    OMG, I love Krystal Glasman! She’s amazingly nice and warm…we were classmate. Its so funny, I was just thinking of her today and I saw her on here. She will be a valuable assets to your team! Yeah!

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