WoW @ Laguna Art Museum

WoW This is going to be a gamers wet dream. This weekend the Laguna Art Museum opens WoW Emergent Media Phenomenon. The members opening is Saturday night but the show will be open to the public on Sunday. Some info:

WoW: Emergent Media Phenomenon
explores various forms of cultural production based on World of Warcraft in particular and on
gaming in general. While surveying Warcraft's Fifteen-year history, the
exhibition looks at artistic practices that have been influenced by game
culture. The actual works by the producer of World of Warcraft, Blizzard
Entertainment (headquartered in Irvine,
California), provide a starting
point and reference. 

international artists were selected to consider this movement with the
following themes in mind: elements of desire, the collapse of fantasy,
medievalism, creative critiques, and public intervention.  Artists in this
exhibition take on the visual marker of World
of Warcraft
to consider, implications of gaming, and their
greater impact on our culture.  In addition to the works of these artists,
fan art and the growing culture of machinima (computer animation that uses the
graphic engines from video games) will be explored in this exhibition. 

Gaming is
a movement that encompasses a large population and holds the potential to
greatly impact society. Jane McGonigal, a game designer and researcher, states,
"This is a new generation of hard-core gamers, and what they're
doing is generating unprecedented participation bandwidth. They are donating
more cognitive cycles, more heart share to game worlds and virtual worlds than
we've seen dedicated to any project before." The artists in this
exhibition have extended these concerns. 

is curated by Grace Kook-Anderson and is accompanied by a booklet
published by Laguna Art Museum. As part of
the exhibition, you'll receive a booklet featuring essays by the
participating artist, Eddo Stern; and the curator at Blizzard
Entertainment, Tim Campbell. This booklet is published by Laguna Art

Participating artists: selected artists from Blizzard Entertainment, including
Chris Metzen, Sam Didier (a.k.a., Samwise), Chris Robinson, Justin Thavirat,
and Roman Kenney (all from Irvine); Aram Bartholl (Berlin); Jorg Dubin (Laguna
Beach); Alexander Galloway (New York); Jacqueline Goss (New York); Auriea
Harvey and Michaël Samyn, Tale of Tales (Ghent, Belgium); John Klima
(Lisbon, Portugal); Cyril Kuhn (Los Angeles); Antoinette LaFarge (Irvine);
Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski (Berlin); Robert Nideffer and Alex Szeto
(Irvine); Airyka Rockefeller (San Francisco); Eddo Stern (Los Angeles); The
Third Faction (Azeroth); and Zeng Han (Guangzhou)

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  1. WoW Accounts says:

    I think this is a really nice move on the part of Laguna Art Museum. Indeed the World of Warcraft is becoming very popular day by day.

  2. wow account says:

    this is so cool. yay for WOW.

  3. yes World of Warcraft is becoming very popular among people…

  4. wow accounts says:

    World of Warcraft !!! god i love playing… nice post..

  5. Bob Royal says:

    Great post. WoW has really entered the mainstream in a big way, hasn’t it?

  6. Obie says:

    Well it sure beat the Concept arts of the day posts that are put up. 🙂
    I still say that Blizzard needs to just break down and do a whole movie of the past story in animation. The HD intros that are made now are kick ass, I would love to see a 90 minute event showing the progress of the story to date. I mean, seriously, the script is already written and more content is created daily.
    That would be an epic event.

  7. World of Warcraft is certainly the best game that I’ve ever played. Too bad I came to this post too late and missed the exhibition. Thanks for the great post.

  8. Kheimar says:

    I think this kind of this is just great.

  9. Saaman.muna says:

    Great information. Thanks for sharing it here. Yes, Ofcourse world of warcraft is an excellent which I use to play often. I use to review the Leveling guides to improve my levels in the game from

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