Back in Town!

Hi Everybody,  I am back from Colombia and ready to blog. 


I spent almost a month in South America and loved every minute of it. 

Sundays in Bogota. They shut-down the streets and everyone gets out.
Can you imagine one day a week, no cars and quasi-obligatory exercise. . .??
Letseat Besides eating my way through the city, 

I also saw an excellent Warhol exhibition at the Museo de Arte del Banco de la Republica, went to several gallery openings- one in particular for Colombian painter Luis Caballero that knocked my socks off, along with salt mines made into churches, horse drawn carts selling avocados the size of cantaloupes, Streetperf street performers at stop lights, and the incredible collection of art and culture in Bogota's Nation Gallery.

Bogota Streets in the old town center (reminded me of Downtown LA).
No that is not me, that is Editor in Chief of art journal 'Sillon8" Sandra Miranda Pattin, also known as my trusty guide and friend.
Lots of stencils and street dialog.  
From Bogota we flew to Cartagena where the 'fun and sun' began.  Jealous Yet!  You should all go! There is also an incredible video clip of some young dancers dressed in traditional African costume performing on stilts from the 1st Art and Culture Festival of Cartagena.  Enjoy.


The Barrio in Cartagena, 1st annual Art and Cultural Festival. . . check out the video clip.
Parking Lot, yeah we left the car here. . .  for 2000 pesos (about 1 dollar)
Did a little shopping. . . (all handmade and uber-cheap)
Amazing mural from Cartagena

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