Now Showing, Irvine Fine Arts Center

Arthur Taussig: Postcards
from the Edges of America is a
sampling from more than 15,000 photographs taken by the artist as part of a
documentary exploring mid and low culture museums.  What could be considered detours and road side attractions
are presented as destinations valued for their preservation of culture and
history.  Some of the treasures
highlighted in the exhibition include: The Yo-Yo Museum, Chico, California; The Mary Kay Museum, Houston, Texas;  The Spam Museum, Austin, Minnessota; The
Cockroach Hall of Fame, Plano, Texas; The Pez Museum, Burlington, California; and
The Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia, where Cabbage Patch Kids
are exhibited in  incubators like
newborn babies.

 Also showing at Irvine Fine Arts Center is Mark
Mothersbaugh: Postcard Diaries.  For the last 30 years Mothersbaugh has
had an uncontrollable urge to illustrate postcards, resulting in as many as 25
a day.  These images, not
originally intended for the public, are presented as original postcards, paintings,
and prints.  While this collection
was originally meant to be the diary of Mothersbaugh's life, titles like Held Captive by his Passion for the Freedom
of Technology
, Air Marshal Turbulence,
and With Malice Towards Penguins sound
like only the beginnings of greater stories from this quirky and multi-talented artist.

Both exhibits close July 25, 2009.

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Mark Mothersbaugh: Postcard Diaries

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