Now Showing, R. Crumb’s Underground at GCAC

He is not five stories tall, he is not accompanied by a blue
ox, and he did not create the grand canyon by dragging an axe.  However, what I have been told is that
Robert Crumb doodles masterpieces on placemats in restaurants, and helped a
friend with a major expense by drawing them a personal portrait.  In fact, a man once unexpectedly showed
up on Robert Crumb’s doorstep in France only to be invited back the following week.

The most unexpected treat of R. Crumb’s Underground at Grand Central Art Center is not the
premiere of his spool drawings, or the personal documentary of comic book
artist Victor Moscoso, but the first-hand accounts from visitors who have a
connection to this artist.  I have
been told of the first issue of Zap
someone purchased from a head shop in Philadelphia, and countless other fans
herald the Terry Zwigoff documentary Crumb
as we politely discuss what brought them to the gallery. 

Once inside the exhibition all conversation stops as guests
are spellbound by a potent mix of disgust, shock, talent, and nostalgia.  People literally spend over an hour in
the exhibition reading every single word of the more than fifty panels on
display, defying the Getty’s conclusion that people in exhibitions do not read
beyond 100 words.  I am figuring
out, to his generation R. Crumb’s
is not just a collection of low brow artwork, it is a tribute
to political incorrectness, uncensored thoughts and youth.  -Krystal



R. Crumb's Underground continues until August 16

Public Reception this Saturday, August 1, 7-10 pm.

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