OsCene 2010 Artist Line-Up Announced

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OsCene 2010 curator Grace Kook-Anderson announced Wednesday the 49 visual artists who will be included in Laguna Art Museum’s upcoming exhibition OsCene 2010: Contemporary Art and Culture in OC. The exhibition is slated for February 21-May 16, 2010 at Laguna Art Museum.

Highlighting local Orange County artists, OsCene 2010 will feature painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, multi-media installations, video, architecture, performance, and design. This year, OsCene is extending to Long Beach and San Pedro, often considered the blurred boundary between Orange and Los Angeles counties.
“Despite the geographical framework that OsCene 2010 takes on, it's exciting to see the range of artists in this exhibition with diverse backgrounds and practices. There will definitely be some threads of dialogue between these different artists and their works,” said curator Grace Kook-Anderson.

OsCene 2004 at Laguna Art Museum was the first survey of Orange County artists in over 20 years and was produced for a second time at the Museum in 2006.
Film and video artists will be announced by guest film curator Keiko Beatie January 11, 2010.
OsCene 2010 Artists

Robert Allen and Antoinette LaFarge
Stephanie Bachiero
Barbara Berk
Wolfgang  Bloch
Cheeming Boey
Sierra Brown
Ryan Callis
Kendell Carter
Jennifer Celio
Kyle Chew
Cheryl Cotman
Preston Daniels
Diana Donaldson
Cheryl Ekstrom
Julie Easton
Rebecca Erbstoesser
McLean Fahnestock
Shannon Faseler
Joe Forkan
Jeff Foye
Jocelyn Foye
Suvan Geer
Gina Genis
Ed Gomez
Darren Hostetter
Jim Jenkins
Virginia Katz
Dameon Lester
Robert Mah
James Miller
Brad J. Moore
Nobuhito Nishigawara
Naida Osline
Ya'el Pedroza
Andrew Printer
Robin Repp
Molly Schulps
Betsy Seder
Jennifer Shaw
Fran Siegel
Ali Smith
Noah Thomas
Melissa Thomson
Timothy Tompkins
James Verbicky
Suzanne Walsh
Jenny Yurshansky

About OsCene 2010
In the face of international biennials, world-wide art fairs, and attention to the ever-changing cities of the next “it” place for art and artists, OsCene 2010 features the works of 49 artists and aims to look at regionalism, a term that has, in the last five years, taken on negative connotations. In this wave of international focus, it is worth being reminded of the art making practices taking place in our near surroundings; looking at art being made here and now. Orange County is an amalgam of characteristics: tourist attraction; nature preserves; notably politically conservative yet also the birthplace of many ska/punk music bands; master planned communities; diverse demographics; 34 incorporated cities, the oldest being Anaheim (1870) and Aliso Viejo the most recent (2001); and the important port locations of Long Beach and San Pedro. Similarly, the works produced by artists are equally diverse and sometimes conflicting. OsCene 2010 aims to represent this multiplicity of a locale shown through the works of diverse artists.

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