OsCene 2010

Yeah I'm a little slow on this one because of technical difficulties (I didn't pay my blog bill…who knew?!) but anyway the Laguna Art Museum's OsCene 2010 is currently running and shouldn't be missed. I've attached some video's. First is a little survey of the show and if you pay close attention you'll spot OC Art Blog writer Krystal Glassman. The following are videos in the exhibit by previous Hoff Foundation grant recepient McLean Fahnestock. You can also access opening photos at LAM's flicker site here. Be sure to get out there and support your local scene.

The OsCene 2010: Contemporary Art and Culture in OC from LagunaArtMuseum on Vimeo.

St. Clare of Burbank, 2010 from McLean Fahnestock on Vimeo.

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