“Art Shack” – Laguna Art Museum & Hurley festivities

OC's finest turned out for 'Art Shack' at the Laguna Art Museum (LAM), guest curated by Greg Escalante.


Mr. OC Art Blog himself was unable to make the event, so he asked me to take his place.  He handed me a box with a wooden arrow screen printed with an invite to Hurley's SHACK ATTACK! exclusive event.  Hurley & LAM hosted a 'meet and greet' for the artists and VIPs,  225 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach.  


Hurley 002  


The first of the evening's festivities began around 4pm at Hurley's 225 Forest store.  After braving PCH on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I finally made it to the parking lot only to catch artists Laurie Hassold and Jeff Gillette sneaking off.  This is not boding well. . . but off I went.



There it was, the two-story Hurley store filled to the the gills with art aficionados, cool hair-cut kids, board shorts, and somebody's Mom.  


I whip out my VIP pass in head for the bar.  







Hurley 001

The Art Shack Stars were given flower leis, so we could pick them out of the crowd like a tropical version of where's waldo. 



Hurley 011  

Hurley 012












There seemed to be a buzz coming from the 2nd floor, making it my next stop.  






Art Shack inspired clothes are being customized by Hurley's crew of screen printing wizards.  Artists were given a pair of white chucks, board shorts, and T-shirt to design.  





Hurley 005  











Hurley 008  

























Hurley 006  






















Hurley 010 


 You guys should check out the screen printing shop!  They can customize your gear for just a few bucks more.



Hurley 013 


Artists everywhere!


Hurley 007  




















In Context Overview15Apr  


If you look closely you can see the pink locks of curator Annie adjchavanich



Hurley 003 


Load um' up and head out!
 Next stop, Laguna Art Museum.   Let's go check out the art.



Lam 011 


Welcome to LAM's   "Art Shack"  opening reception.

Art Shack will be open to the public from June 13th to October 3rd, 2010


Okay, sooooo o o o. . . . hope you brought your snorkel!





Lam 001  

What would an OC event be without Mickey?








  Lam 013 

Artist Elizabeth Turk and curator Meg Linton


Lam 010 

Jeff Gillette and his Slum

Lam 009

Most of the Shacks had interactive elements to them.  Some you watched, some you inhabit, and others were strictly for visual entertainment.






Veronica was the first to jump right in!















































Lam 006 



Savanna Snow's installation The Lodge on the left and Albert Cuellar's sculpture on the right.


  Lam 008

Jason Maloney's disturbing Amber Alert

Lam 005



















































































This is Tracey from the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana checking out Marian Peck & Mark Ryden's 

Sweet Wishes Theater


Lam 003 

A detail from Shack-Art-Grass-Circus by George Herms

Lam 004

I leave you with a little something to meditate on. (all photos by Joanna Grasso)

The Art Shack show is great, you should check it out before summer comes to an end.  

I want to send a big congratulations to all the participating artists, most of whom are not featured in this article.

OC loves you!


-Joanna Grasso, Contributing Writer



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