Blockbuster Sequels Continue to Invade Orange County

Earlier this year Laguna Art Museum presented a third installment of the OsCene, featuring a fresh collective of artists representing the arts in Orange County.  This summer Grand Central Art Center, in Santa Ana, is revisiting a past exhibition and asked 100 artists, once again, to see Satan.  More than a tribute to the ultimate villain, this time around, 100 Artists See Satan is organized as a fundraiser to raise money for the art center.  Over 100 artists contributed artwork-all for sale-to the exhibition.  Artists from the first 100 Artists See Satan were invited back as well as new heathens.

With so many artists, and so many interpretations it is hard to pick a favorite.  However, there are some unforgettable highlights: Kii Arens’ Lucifork, which was the illustration for a recent Devo concert poster, Beau Roulette, Sonya Palencia, Gary Musgrave, and Dana Harvey’s limited edition, already sold out, Hell in a Handbag.

Only time will tell how successful a fundraiser about Satan will be; even one based on a popular exhibition.  Thankfully, this exhibition/fundraiser capitalizes on one of GCAC’s strengths: bringing together crowd-pleasing artists for a fun time.  Last Saturday’s preview was well attended with two more receptions scheduled: Saturday, July 3, 7:00-10:00 p.m. and Saturday, August 7, 7:00-10:00 p.m. 

Participating artists: Kim Abeles, Rev. Ethan Acres, Robby Adams, Peter Adamyan, Shag aka Josh Agle, Kii Arens, Julie B., Ana Bagayan, Gary Baseman, Becca, Bigfoot, Chris Bradley aka SMASH, Scott G. Brooks, Mike Brown, Hugh Brown, Liz Carroll, Amy Caterina, Luke Chueh, COOP, Albert Cuellar, Bryan Cunningham, Dalek, Kelly Hutchison aka Dark Vomit, Bob Dob, Diana Donaldson, Ron English, Eric Finzi, Alan Forbes, Paul Frank, Camille Rose Garcia, Gregg Gibbs, Jeff Gillette, Jonathan T. Ginnaty, Mat Gleason, Alex Grey, Des Grisham, Don Ed Hardy, Alexander Harris, Andrea Harris, Dana Harvey, Laurie Hassold, Mercedes Heinwein, Tim Hendricks, F. Scott Hess, James Hill, Jason Houchen, Jim Jenkins, Michael Knowlton, Will Koffman, Charlie Krafft, Dennis Larkins, David Michael Lee, Joshua Levine, Bad Otis Link, Laurie Lipton, Tiffany Liu, James F. Lorigan, Danni Shinya Luo, Jason Maloney, Chris Mars, Sally Mars, Elizabeth McGrath with Brian Poor, Jeff McMillian, Tara McPherson, Matthew William Miller, Miso, David Molesky, Gary Musgrave, Scott Musgrove, Jessica O'Dowd, Skot Olson, Joe Ongie, Naida Osline, Nathan Ota, Sonya Palencia, Manuel Pardo, Joshua Petker, Gail Potocki, Matthew J. Price,Victoria Reynolds, Drew Roulette, Beau Roulette, Mark Ryden, Leigh Salgado, Krystopher Sapp, Kathy Staico Schorr, Todd Schorr, James P. Scott, Mike Shine, Skinner, Morgan Slade, Nathan Spoor, Tyler Stallings, CR Stecyk III, Cole Sternberg, Mike Stilkey, Eric Stoner, Ken Tanaka, Paul Torres, Christopher Ulrich, Jeffrey Vallance, NicolaVerlato, Marnie Weber, CW West, Mark Whelan (Kill Pixie), Eric White, Richard White, Edward Walton Wilcox, Robert Williams, Witnes AWR, and Christine Wu.

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