George Herms and the Rachel Rosenthal Theater Company

TOHUBOHU! Extreme (and I might add IMPROV) Theater Ensemble invites OC's very own George Herms to participate with their monthly performance, as the first of a series of invitations to artists. I was lucky enough to catch the show Friday night (no pics allowed) and it was amazing. I was however accompanied by Tony Kay from the Ca'Tony art space in Westwood and managed to whip out the camera at the reception.

Here's the scoop:

Herms brought artworks as props to be utilized during the performance. The theater company was composed of 6 stage performers, one artist providing the light and sound, two pups (they stole the show) and Rachel Rosenthal.  The venue holds a max. of 35 people and is quite intimate.  The audience is marched in at just the right moment, given an intro by Rachel herself and away they go. . . 

The entirely unrehearsed and improvisational performance was amazingly musical, although no words were spoken.  Sounds from props, body parts, or throats vibrated from the stage, it was a lovely experience.  One you all should enjoy.

If you are in Laguna Beach check out the Art Shack exhibition at the Laguna Beach Art Museum.  George Herms is just one of the many participating artists such as Don Ed Hardy, Paul Frank, Shag, Marion Peck, Mark Ryden, Laurie Hassold & Jeff Gillette duo and many more..  For a full list of participating artists and show information please see the Laguna Beach Art Museum website. And stay tuned for more pics from the opening.

Thanks for an amazing performance George!  And thanks to Rachel & the Tohubohu Theater Ensemble.


artist George Herms and editor extraordinaire Sue Henger (photo by Joanna Grasso)


The Rachel Rosenthal theater, on the left you can see Tony Kay and three of the 6 performers rubbing elbows. (photo by Joanna Grasso)


Rachel Rosenthal herself (left) and guest. (photo by Joanna Grasso)


Sasha, who practically stole the whole performance. (photo by Joanna Grasso)

DSC00109 Tony Kay trying to make a fast get away. . .
 (photo by Joanna Grasso)

Keep posted for images from the Art Shack. . . Hurley held an awesome private pre-exhibition party Saturday night. The artists were given gift bags full of screen-print-ready booty, and were able to print them up right there in the shop.  225 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach.  Go check it out!  

See you soon.

Joanna Grasso, Contributing Writer


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