New, Used, Borrowed @ Chapman University Gallery – This Saturday

The idea behind the exhibition New, Used, Borrowed, opening Saturday night at the Chapman University Guggenheim Gallery, is to show the role
of the artist as more than “art maker” but also art collector and art
admirer. Each artist has created a New work of art
for this exhibition; each has included a work of art (or a grouping of
artworks) they have purchased and Used in the context of their private
life; and finally, each has Borrowed a work of art from an artist whose
work they admire. Each grouping of New, Used, Borrowed is a small
window into the artists’ studios and home surroundings; a little
glimpse of what turns them on. The collecting, transaction, and even
the exhibition of art by and between artists is a gesture of support
towards one another, and an instinct that ensures the continuation of a
world where the creative and visually talented may dwell for ever and
ever. The reception will be from 5-8pm.

New - Used - Borrowed ... an art exhibit!

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