Three Exhibitions @ Angels Gate This Sunday 2-5pm

In three new exhibitions opening Sunday July 11 from 2-5pm, Angels Gate Cultural Center will be featuring photographic portraiture.  The three artists of these exhibitions range widely in subject, yet are brought together through their exploration of individuals that often go unseen – artists as workers, the human elements of the Los Angeles Superior Court system and members of the American military.

Frederick_friedel Slobodan Dimitrov: Artist Portraits

In 2006 the Angels Gate Cultural Center commissioned renown labor photographer and long-time AGCC Studio Artist to engage in an ongoing project to document artists working and exhibiting in the Harbor Area. This series is executed in large format, Polaroid Type 55 Black and White Film and captures artists as the working people that they are. This exhibition will be the first time that the series has been exhibited to the public, 150 images from this ongoing body of work will be on display.

Additional images from the Artist Portraits series can be seen online here

Camilo Cruz: Theater of Souls
An employee in the Los Angeles court system, Camilo Cruz is a witness to people at the mercy of system driven attorneys; toddlers crawling unattended on marble floors; sheriff deputies flirting with teenage girls. These and other scenes are simultaneously beautiful and circus-like, emotional and compelling.

Nicholas Grider: Soldiers, Marines and a Sailor
The work that comprises Soldiers, Marines and a Sailor consists of two bodies of portraits of US military service members. The first series, titled Soldiers and Marines, consists of a diptych portrait of U.S. Army Soldiers and an accompanying grid of portraits of U.S. Marines.

More info can be had here

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