A True Renaissance Man

When you go see Cacophonius at the West Gallery on the CSUF campus I suggest you bring eight friends.  In Cacophonius artist Geoffrey Schorz has produced nine iconographic paintings on a series of interactive, audible, reliefs-instruments…Medieval instruments.  (Schorz himself is an accomplished musician trained on the dudelsack-German bagpipe)

As an M.F.A. candidate Schorz is a painting major, but he has spent the last year painting and fashioning these kinetic masterpieces.  The artworks are the result if innovation, engineering and a little alchemy-the artist mixes his own egg tempera paint. More importantly this artwork is Schorz’s tangible, empirical act of faith; his gospel to be heard, seen and felt. His message and his method is brave, but Schorz's art is quirky and well done.

Come for the art, stay for the experience, and get all your friends to play a different instrument at the same time.

-Krystal Glasman

Cacophonius, CSUF West Gallery, September 27-October 7, M-F 12:00-4:00 P.M.

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