Opening Reception at All Media 2010 and Bill Jaros Exhibition

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I arrived at the opening reception just in time to hear the last part of the award ceremony presented by Karen Moss, the Deputy Director of Exhibition and Programs in Orange County Museum of Art. There were a lot of people with their family and friends, taking pictures and meeting artists to get more insight into their artwork. I’ve never been to Irvine Fine Arts Center before, but I surprised myself because this gallery was voted as the Best Art Gallery in Orange County by OC Weekly.

Beatta bosworth Dance dance dance

Artist Beatta Bosworth, with her artwork titled, Dance Dance Dance.

I started to search for artists in the crowd, and a family with two children walked by me so I decided to follow them. I arrived at an installation of photographs with music coming from the stereo. The artist was Beatta Bosworth, who was the third place winner at the All Media 2010. I talked with the artist and she told me she likes to dance. She was captivated by one of her friend’s dance movement, so she wanted to create an artwork that forms motion. Beatta took a series of photographs of her friend and hung them from the ceiling at the exhibition. The installation made me felt like her photographs were still dancing to the rhythm of the music. Her two children happily danced in front of the artwork, bringing the movement of the artwork to live.

I continued to search for artists’ badge on everyone’s shirt. As I waited in a distance for my turn to introduce myself, I started getting noticed when they realized their shirts were being searched. But that was the perfect time to make eye contact with a smile and to jump in with a “I’m-not-weird” speech.

David french I believe

Artist David French, with his artwork titled, I Believe.

David French was the first place winner at the All Media 2010. He created his sculpture using styrofoam, fiberglass paint, and car paint. These were an unusual mix of mediums; for me, it was hard to guess at first, because the outlook and texture of the sculpture totally eluded my preconceived thought and shape of styrofoam. David talked about his interest in the Baroque sculptures, and recalled the themes about God, freewill, nature, or evolution. Then he asked, “Is it possible to believe in God and evolution?” He was intrigued by both beliefs, and therefore, wanted to combine manmade with organic objects into his sculpture.

John stewart ravaged
Artist John Stewart, a second place winner with artwork titled, Ravaged

Ian Dailucian
Artist Ian Daelucian with his artwork. He is a UCI student majoring in drama and philosophy and likes photography. He used one light to capture the image and played with light and shadow.

Mark feldman charticicada
Artist Mark Feldman with his artwork. With an interest in science and origami, he combined them by creating a new genus, Charticicada.

Bill jaros Gafsa
Artist Bill Jaros, with his artwork titled, Gafsa.

Bill Jaros Exhibition was full of found objects sculptures. There were wood sculptures in the center gallery, and cardboard sculptures displayed on the wall. He told me he lived in North Africa and all his sculptures were inspired and named after the places in Tunisia, on the edge of Sahara Desert, where he lived and traveled. He said his sculptures were created from inexpensive found objects, plastic gesso and oil paint. I asked if I can take a picture of him in front of his favorite artwork, and he chose the artwork, titled Gafsa. He said this artwork has the strongest color, shape and texture. He wanted the viewer to experience the sculptures and find them as windows to another spiritual world. He felt like sometimes the technique is not as important as the idea and message that brings out the artwork.

Bill jaros1

Artist Bill Jaros

As I continued to browse through the exhibition to examine each artwork, I met Bill’s friend, Jim Goodman. He was a very interesting guy. He studied psychological cycles of human and investor behavior, but also with a strong interest in art, whether he admits it or not. We walked through the exhibition and he offered me his critique on the artwork. I am an art student, and in art history classes, we were often taught to appreciate and interpret the good in every type of art, because who are we to think we know better than the artist. But it was refreshing to hear Jim, who was not an artist, but can appreciate and critique art, analyzing artwork through his eyes. I think art is for everyone to interpret and each one of us has the power to interpret it beyond the artist’s intent. Not so often we wanted to offer challenging opinions or questions, but I think it is important to develop some critique skills and still try to look for the good in everything.

It was a fun and insightful night! Don’t worry, you still have a chance to browse through these artwork. Here are the details of the two exhibitions.

All Media 2010
Exhibition opens: Nov 19th- Jan 22nd, 2011
The Irvine Fine Arts Center
14321 Yale Avenue, Irvine, CA 92604

Bill Jaros Exhibition
Exhibition opens: Nov 19th- Jan 22nd, 2011
The Irvine Fine Arts Center
14321 Yale Avenue, Irvine, CA 92604


-Jennifer Cheng, Contributing Writer

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