Black Light Special

This may be a spoiler. 

When I went to 225 Forest Avenue…the Hurley store in Laguna Beach, I had no expectations.  I tried to have expectations, but what is “Psych Optic Black Light Fuzz?”  I believe my open, yet puzzled mind, led me to enjoy this installation more than if someone had tried to explain to me what this was going to be ahead of time.  If someone had told me it is kind of like a rave; there are neon lights; there are strobe lights; Dalek painted a mural; I would have been skeptical.

However, that is what it was.  Geometric, abstract painter Dalek fabricated a symmetrical design on the 20 foot wall featured in the center of 225 Forest.  Several of the colored panels were replaced with neon lights.  Across from the towering mural was an antique fabrication of a stroboscopic light-a cut up paper cylinder spinning around a light bulb.  Lastly, the entire space was punctuated by neon yellow and pink in the stripes taped up the stairs to the strings wrapped near the entrance.

Surprisingly, the installation worked despite placement inside a store which no doubt came with limitations.  However, this Saturday, January 15, marks the open of Dalek’s second “Psych Optic Black Light Fuzz” at Hurley’s )( Space gallery in Costa Mesa from 6:00-9:00 P.M.  Annie from Hurley tells me there will be more panels, a neon string installation in the center, and three stroboscopic lights, as well as live musicians…I imagine a fun house party.  -Krystal

Hurley Store, 225 Forest Ave., Laguna Beach, CA. 92651

Hurley, 1945 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa, CA. 92627

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