Dalek – Psych Optic Black Light Fuzz Part 2

PSYCHOPTICBLACKLIGHTFUZZ PART II @ Hurley’s )(  Space Gallery, Costa Mesa


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When I arrived at Hurley, it was dark and filled with people. I dragged my empty stomach and avoided walking straight into the catering refreshment on the left. I murmured to myself, “Don’t stare at the food in the eye. Look away…” I saw many people stood in front of the Dreamachine, a metallic cylinder with laser cut designs placed on a turntable, with their eyes closed. My curiosity got the best of me, so I mimicked after them. Staring at the rotating light in high speed got my head really dizzy, so I closed my eyes and hoped for an alternative experience. With the light invading the darkness in a rhythm, I imagined myself flying in the galaxy, witnessing a group of shooting stars chased away before my eyes.

Next to the Dreamachine was a wall full of neon ropes that looked like it was placed in random directions. I took time to understand the aesthetic of the artwork, with the attitude of “The more you see, the more you find.” And it was true. Stepping close to the artwork made me understand the production and design of the artwork. Dry wall screws and neon colored ropes, zigzagged up and across more dry screws that created a unison pattern.


IMG_3080 In a separate room behind the black curtain was a dark room with Dalek’s geometric shape murals on the opposite walls. Two mirrors on the other two walls and a set of neon ropes sprung from a center point into the vast space in the ceiling. Live music performance by musical phenomenons King Buzzo, Duane Denison, Steve Turner and Haze XXL.














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IMG_3087 Did I mention the food was incredible? Yes, I couldn’t resist it after all. The reception was continuously refilled with delicious appetizers and desserts, catered by Bodhi Tree. I was very impress with the refreshment; I shamelessly came back for seconds and thirds. Note the countless photographs of food. Is it so terrible to admit that sometimes openings are simply incomplete without delicious free food? I know you secretly nodded in agreement.


In my opinion, the hardest thing for any reporter in an opening reception is that it is very difficult to find the artist. It is hard enough that many Hurley employees were having a hard time describing Dalek for me, but another challenge was navigating through the crowd to find Dalek. May I suggest a goofy hat or a traffic controller vest for all artists in the openings? It will really make life easier for us. Huong, a Hurley employee, was very helpful in my quest for Dalek. Thanks Huong!



IMG_3111 Among the good looking crowd was a man with a mask, who called himself, Ghetto Vader. He said his mission was to storm into the space and steals the thunder away from the artist. Well, unfortunately, that mission was not accomplished successfully. The crowd continued to come in, and enjoyed the night away with music, art, and food. In my opinion, the event was a success. Thanks Dalek and Hurley for putting this together!





Hurley’s )(SPACE Gallery

1945 Placentia Avenue

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

(949) 548-9375


All photo credit: Jennifer Cheng


-Jennifer Cheng, Contributing Writer


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