Open Call. Pixels: The Art of iPhone

Got an iPhone? Love taking pictures? Here's your chance to shine.

Pixels: The Art of iPhone

This is an open call for submissions for the Pixels: The Art of iPhone Photography exhibition.

An open call for iPhonographic art to be exhibited at the Orange County Center For Contemporary Art, March 31-April 3o, 2011. Existing Pixels’ artists will shortly receive an email regarding submitting pictures already on the site and other submission options.

All photos MUST be shot with and processed using an Apple iPhone.  No computer-based processing allowed.  Any model of the iPhone may be used. Any image found to be taken with another device or processed on a computer or iPad will result in entrant being disqualified and forfeiture of entry fee.

Winning entries will be printed and exhibited in the month-long exhibition. There will be a full-color program printed with all works, which will be available for sale.

Entry Fee:  $30.00 for five entries. See below for link to Entry Form.

To be eligible for the OCCCA/Pixels exhibition, you must first be a registered artist on this site. Register (form in right column) with a valid email account that is tied to your PayPal account, please. If you are new to Pixels: The Art of the iPhone, you should probably also read our general submissions guidelines.

We will be exhibiting a minimum of sixty images from this open call for submissions.

Submissions will be accepted until midnight, February 27, 2011. When you pay the fee, you will be directed to a page where you will upload your five images. If you wish to upload more images, you will need to pay another $30.00.

If you are a regular and active contributor to Pixels: The Art of the iPhone and have had an image published after Dec. 1, 2010, you will be receiving an email detailing other submissions options for the exhibition. (We have forty slots for Pixels’ artists).

If chosen, we will print your picture as an archival 13″x19″ giclée print on Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte paper, image are approx 10.5″x14″ or 10.5″ square and mounted on archival foamcore with a two inch border. Some images will be printed in a larger format, as well, as determined by judges.

There will be a full-color catalog with all images in the show published, available for sale.

Prints will be available for sale at the exhibit. We are instating a minimum price of $100 (which the artist may raise if he or she so wishes) which will be split between the artist and OCCCA (60%/40%). In the event that more than one print is sold of an image, a $30 printing charge will be deducted from price of print, then split between artist and OCCCA.

Judging submissions will be Jeff Alu (OCCCA), Knox Bronson (Pixels), Maia Panos and Daniel Berman (artists).

Deadline for submissions: February 27, midnight.
Selections will be announced within a week.


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