LBCC Art Gallery: Annie Buckley and Dane Picard

Long Beach City College Art Gallery is pleased to host two one-person exhibitions by artists Annie Buckley and Dane Picard with an opening reception on Tuesday, March 8, 7 – 8:30 PM.


Dates: March 8 – April 7, 2011

Reception: Tuesday, March 8, 7 – 8:30 PM

Hours: M-Th, 10:00 – 4, T & W, 5:00 – 7:30 PM


LBCC Art Gallery

Long Beach City College

4901 E. Carson Street

Long Beach, CA 90808


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Exhibitions:      Annie Buckley

             Hybrids & Landscapes




"'Hybrids' is a series of large-scale photographs of women and trees. This project grew out of a previous series of digital collages in which I used images of the body to explore the overlap between the symmetrical designs of yantras, the organic shapes of shells and flowers, and microscopic images of cells." – Annie Buckley






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Exhibitions:      Dane Picard

                        Littlewood’s Circus



“English mathematician John Littlewood's law of miracles states that a person should expect a miracle once per month. Littlewood bases this calculation on the definition of a miracle as a one in a million event. I have long been enamored by the ghost in technology and the presence of the human touch in art; through this mathematical axiom, I attempted to put the pedal to the metal." – Dane Pichard 



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