Sunrise to Sunset

Delicate Arch Utah, George Kaczmarek

A breathtaking masterpiece taken by George Kaczmarek came with a story of falling near a deep black hole in the canyons.




Award winning international photographer George Kaczmarek is the featured artist in the first  ‘Sunrise to Sunset’ exhibition at the non-profit OCFA’s Showcase Gallery at South Coast Plaza Village.  The free opening reception is from 4 PM – 7 PM on Saturday, 12th March.


George Kaczmarek has gravitated to regions of the world that are legendary and sometimes hazardous in order to capture his remarkable images.  His style is to immerse himself in the environment and absorb the character of a landscape, animal or small detail that catches his eye.


George thinks nothing of taking risks to get the shot: ‘Twilight at Delicate Arch’, for example, is an image that nearly cost him his camera when he fell near a deep black hole in the canyons.  The resulting image however, is a masterpiece of photography that demonstrates George’s willingness to make the trek in cold and forbidding weather to capture an image to share with the world.


Says Showcase Gallery Director Margie Zuliani:  “George Kaczmarek’s work in the Sunrise to Sunset Exhibition at Showcase Gallery is a breath taking presentation; over twenty powerful award winning images taken throughout North America, one of a kind images that rival many of the greatest pictures ever taken. Mr Kaczmarek’s exhibition is a memorable example of the great achievement of

photography in the digital era.”


George Kaczmarek and juried members of the OCFA exhibiting in the ‘Sunrise to Sunset’ will meet guests at the reception to talk about their work.  Live music is provided by the Steve Harris Jazz Collective, and refreshments and appetizers will be served.


WHERE: South Coast Plaza Village
1631 W. Sunflower Ave., Costa Mesa, CA,92704
WHEN: Saturday, 12th March, 4 PM – 7 PM

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  1. Jacquemo says:

    Entering the Sunrise to Sunset exhibition at the OCFA’s Showcase Gallery at South Coast Plaza Village, one is immediately rendered speechless by the splendor of George Kaczmarek photography. Presented in large format canvas prints, the award winning images seem to jump from the walls straight into the viewers emotional center. The powerful images by George Kaczmarek opens a doorway to an entire exhibit of works by talented artists. The Sunrise to Sunset exhibit is open to the public from March 12 – April 15. Parking and admission is always free. A portion of proceeds from your purchases are allocated to the OCFA scholarship fund, which supports OCFA’s commitment to continuing education in the fine arts. Get inspired.

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