People Watching In Anchorage With Erin Pollock

This edition of Beyond the Orange Curtain is coming to you from Anchorage, AK. While here to catch the Iditarod and basically just see Alaska, we had the opportunity to participate in Anchorage’s first Friday art walk. One stand-out from the walking tour exposing us to a slice of Anchorage’s cultural life, was the work of Anchorage based artist Erin Pollock. A favorite pastime of mine is people watching, and Erin Pollack is a pro at the art of people watching.

Pollock traverses the many coffee shops, bars and bingo parlors in Anchorage for the purpose of documenting the strangers that cross her path. Using only materials that can be found at these places (coffee, beer, soy sauce) to make her drawings, she does her best not to get noticed. This unique series by pollock gives the viewer an opportunity to take in the rhythm and feel of Anchorage, while wrestling with the many questions that arise as you move from portrait to portrait. What are they thinking? What brought them to Alaska, and where is life taking them? More of Erin Pollock’s work can be found HERE.


3 Responses to “People Watching In Anchorage With Erin Pollock”
  1. Ryan says:

    Wow, love your new work Erin!

  2. Jeff Staser says:

    Love your work!

  3. Jeff Staser says:

    Wonderful work; unlimited potential. Keep following your dream, Erin. It enriches us all!

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