Art of Convergence


Emulex Corporation is usually a computer parts manufacturer based in Orange County, but this year Emulex has taken an interest in spreading their wealth– with their never-ending supply of creative materials, otherwise known as e-waste, and their passion for Orange County art, this computer parts company has partnered up with Cal State Fullerton to create The Art of Convergence, a sculpture competition featuring Emulex parts and products and CSUF sculpture students.

The Art of Convergence supports recycling, artistic experimentation, community participation, and good old fashioned creativity. Twenty-three CSUF sculpture students submitted for this competition, in hopes of scoring the grand prize. The students’ have three very generous prizes that are possible for 1st place, 2nd place, and viewer’s choice. The videos can be viewed and every viewer that wants to can participate in the voting. The videos can be seen at emulex.com/aoc. The creativity that these students have explored with the use of found objects is truly fascinating and inspiring. Check it out!

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