EXPOSE: Peter Bo Rappmund

Laguna Beach, CA  Laguna Art Museum kicks off its new contemporary art program ex·pose with an exhibition of works by Peter Bo Rappmund (b. 1979). This is Bo Rappmund’s first solo exhibition at a museum. Working mainly in film, video, photography, and sound, he is showing several photographs, along with three films: Psychohydrography (2010, HD, color, sound, 60 minutes); Vulgar Fractions (2011, HD, color, sound, 30 minutes); and Tectonics (2012, HD, color, sound, 60 minutes). This exhibition is the
world premiere of Tectonics. Bo Rappmund’s working process is a lengthy one, recording natural
and rhythmic changes in the landscape, often covering much geographical ground. He creates
sporadic rhythms and time-lapse sequences, producing a visually uncanny sensation from even
the most banal landscapes. Rappmund crosses over many visual and auditory boundaries, forging his own path in this contemporary art world.

Photo of Rappmund. Credit: Lyra Silver.

There is a sense of narrative in his work, but these short and surprising pieces tell more than just a story through their visual scattering of dream-like clips, with time-lapsed movement, and focus and attention to very specific details. The sounds play with your auditory senses, making the viewer/listener question ideas like the familiar and intention. They resemble a kind of piecey memory of an acid trip, and evoke a sense of calming chaos that is fascinating to me.

ex·pose is a new contemporary art program curated by Grace Kook-Anderson. Kook-Anderson is the curator of exhibitions at Laguna Art Museum and a specialist in contemporary art. ex·pose will feature rotating exhibitions focusing on one emerging or mid-career artist at a time. The program aims to present a diverse range of artists working in all mediums, and encourages artists to create new work. On July 19, 2012 (and September 16 as well), LAM will be hosting film screenings by Rappmund and a Q & A to follow.

Vulgar Fractions

Check out a preview of my favorite piece, Vulgar Fractions: http://vimeo.com/peterborappmund/vulgarfractions

A very inspiring and innovative exhibition. I give it an A.

Exhibition on view through October 7, 2012.

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