Ching Ching Chen at The Irvine Arts Center

Ching Ching Chen at The Irvine Arts Center

Saturday night I made it to the opening of Re:Balance at the Irvine Arts Center. All around a great show but the stand out in the show was the work of Ching Ching Chen. I wanted to write something more detailed here but for the sake of transparency, I bought a piece from the show. That’s how much I liked the work. As I was standing in front of one of the pieces from the Letting Go series, I overheard a couple behind me discussing the work. The woman said the work wanted to make her cry. I turned around to acknowledge the sentiment, and the man she was with asked me if I was a father, I told him no. He said the work was “weird” but that he “got it.” Yeah, I felt something too. Some images follow:


And although we have travelled far

we would never forget that primal lesson

– on patience, courage, forbearance,

on how to love squid despite squid,

how to honour the village, the tribe,

that floral apron.

Marilyn Chin

The Floral Apron

Chris Hoff
Chris Hoff

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