Satiated in Santa Ana: “Pleasure Objects” @ Gallery 211

Local artists Alyssa Arney and Liz Flynn are very aware of the superficial nature of Southern California, where beauty is valued over health, and the constant presence of advertising is louder, brighter, and more attractive than honesty. Finding their way, separately, toward fiber arts, was an important journey for each artist, but finding their way toward each other, and creating... Read More

Artist Interview: Lindsay Buchman

Lindsay Buchman is an interdisciplinary artist working between Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Her practice explores positions of instability and disintegration through works on paper, installation, artist books, and photo-based approaches. Captivated by shared experience, she investigates interpersonal relationships while pivoting between text and image. Buchman is primarily... Read More

Just Like Everyone Else – Currents @ Jamie Brooks Fine Art

By Roberta Carasso Artists deal with human issue just like everyone else, except, being visually-minded, they make their thoughts accessible to all who can appreciate their meaning. Katie Stubblefield is drawn to that moment when things shift, the cliff hangers of life when events suddenly are no longer the same. Working with various artistic disciplines, her metaphors embrace imagery... Read More

Interview with Tim Schwab

By Richard Chang Irvine resident Tim Schwab dons a few different hats. During business hours, he’s director of design and installation at Laguna Art Museum. When he’s not on the clock, he does freelance graphic design for several local companies and makes ceramic art. Trained as a bronze sculptor, Schwab now finds his passion creating artistic pottery. The BFA graduate of Laguna... Read More

A Closer Look: Perplexing the Figure in Santa Ana

Based in the abstraction of the human form, “Figurative Perplexities” at the Q Art Salon in Santa Ana takes a different look at the classic fine art subject, through the lens of six very different artists. Jason Shawn Alexander, Shay Bredimus, Alex Krigbaum, Cecilia Paredes and Orion Fischer join Dan Catalano in the exhibit, tranforming the space of the Q into a kind... Read More

conTEXTual abstraction @ Peter Blake Gallery: A Chat With Mat Gleason

Saturday night the Mat Gleason curated exhibition conTEXTual abstraction opens at Peter Blake Gallery. This group show will feature artists that utilize various forms of text in their work and includes Mark Dutcher, Jonmarc Edwards, Gary Lang, Molly Larkey, Adam Mars, William Powhida, Cole Sternberg, and Tim Youd. Gleason, a long time art critic and curator, founded the Coagula... Read More

Artist Interview – Tom Backer

I first discovered Tom Backer’s work in the early 80’s when he was documenting the burgeoning So Cal punk rock scene. Backer’s extensive photographic collection of early punk shows, although unheralded, rivaled the work of better known punk rock documentarian’s like Edward Colver. I was a fan. However, as the 80’s progressed Backer disappeared from... Read More

Artist Interview: David Michael Lee

Painter, curator, and educator David Michael Lee has been a stalwart of the Orange County art scene for many years now. Lee’s work hangs in several prominent collections including the Phyllis & Ross Escalette Permanent Collection of Art. He serves as Director and curator for the Coastline Art Gallery and has a long history of creating various “happenings” in... Read More

Love from the Hate Crew: Children of Bodom at the Observatory

I know a concert was good when every time I try to sit down and write my review of it, I get distracted by composing music myself instead. This was most gloriously true of the Children of Bodom concert at the Observatory in Santa Ana on March 2, supported by Tyr and Death Angel. Even though I love the word, I reserve it only for special occasions like this one- fuck… Children... Read More

The Heroic Journey of “Recordings of an Immigrant” by Vincent Goudreau

The second wave feminists of the 1960s famously coined the phrase “the personal is political”. This is true of a vast number of issues, yet often times the very personal impact of political policies gets lost in the furious debates about fiscal impacts of laws or the hypothetical scenarios debated on television talk shows. At a time when immigration issues are hotly... Read More