The Meticulous Majesty of Peter Greco in Laguna

Typographic street artist and designer Peter Greco has spent his entire adult life learning the mastery of communication through language and lettering. His artwork celebrates the centuries old tradition of the art of calligraphy and the fascinating world of typography while paying homage to the many different cultures that have kept this tradition alive. He [...]Pass it on:Share... Read More

Keeping Time: An Opening for “Rhythm” at Irvine’s Great Park Gallery

Matt Maust, Dum Vacation, 2016, detail images The worlds of rock music and fine art have long traded personnel back and forth, from John Lennon dropping out of art school to make music as one of the Beatles to Captain Beefheart dropping out of music to make paintings as Don Van [...]Pass it on:Share on TumblrTweetEmailPrintMore Read More

No Name features big names at DAX Gallery

Rainbow Watercolor by Bumblebeelovesyou   When I first visited DAX gallery for its opening in 2013 owner Alex Amador had big plans for the Costa Mesa space that would bring fine urban art to Orange County. Over the past few years, in part due to how hard it can be to maintain a [...]Pass it on:Share on TumblrTweetEmailPrintMore Read More

Satiated in Santa Ana: “Pleasure Objects” @ Gallery 211

Local artists Alyssa Arney and Liz Flynn are very aware of the superficial nature of Southern California, where beauty is valued over health, and the constant presence of advertising is louder, brighter, and more attractive than honesty. Finding their way, separately, toward fiber arts, was an important journey for each artist, but finding their way toward each [...]Pass it on:Share... Read More

Art from the OC Review at Orange Coast College

The Orange Coast Review is Orange Coast College’s literary journal. The current issue (which I art directed) contains sixteen pages of art from mostly local artists working in various media, including works by Bradford Salamon, Lindsay Buchman, Pamela Diaz Martinez, Nguyen Ly and Riley Waite, who is represented by two pieces from his Playing With [...]Pass it on:Share on TumblrTweetEmailPrintMore Read More

“SUCCESSIONS” @ Jamie Brooks Fine Art

“SUCCESSIONS” OPENING: April 2, 2016 Jamie Brooks Fine Art 2967 Randolph Avenue Unit C, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 949-929-4143 What is better than an artist’s fresh, brand new, and stimulating paintings? It is seeing David Michael Lee’s 15 year retrospective “Successions”. In this expanse of time, Lee, through his daring and personal exploration of accepted [...]Pass it on:Share... Read More

The Red and the Black: A Play about Rothko at SCR

Red, by John Logan, is a play about the business of being an artist — the commissions, the professional jealousies, the rivalries between generations and the physical and mental act of putting paint to canvas. Originally staged in London in 2009 and now at South Coast Repertory through February 21, the play features Mark Harelik as [...]Pass it on:Share on TumblrTweetEmailPrintMore Read More

INTERSECTION @ Jamie Brooks Fine Art

Written by: Roberta Carasso The selection of work by artists – Arno Kortschot, Connie Goldman, and Gary Petersen – is a look into the dimensions artists develop to express formal and spatial ideas – fully dimensional, the suggestion of dimension, and the illusion of dimensionality on a flat canvas. Also, because the art is intermixed, [...]Pass it on:Share on TumblrTweetEmailPrintMore Read More

Just Like Everyone Else – Currents @ Jamie Brooks Fine Art

By Roberta Carasso Artists deal with human issue just like everyone else, except, being visually-minded, they make their thoughts accessible to all who can appreciate their meaning. Katie Stubblefield is drawn to that moment when things shift, the cliff hangers of life when events suddenly are no longer the same. Working with various artistic disciplines, [...]Pass it on:Share on... Read More

Best Wurst Option

Every arts district needs a Bavarian beer hall serving fancy Old World weiners. Downtown Los Angeles has Wurstküche, San Diego’s Gaslamp has the sausage fest known as Sausage Fest, and now, on Santa Ana’s Fourth Street, with a soft opening through March, comes Wursthaus. Some kinks are still being worked out, but the food is [...]Pass it on:Share on TumblrTweetEmailPrintMore Read More