A Closer Look: Perplexing the Figure in Santa Ana

Based in the abstraction of the human form, “Figurative Perplexities” at the Q Art Salon in Santa Ana takes a different look at the classic fine art subject, through the lens of six very different artists. Jason Shawn Alexander, Shay Bredimus, Alex Krigbaum, Cecilia Paredes and Orion Fischer join Dan Catalano in the exhibit, tranforming the space of the Q into a kind of cathedral, in worship of the human form. Each room is precisely arranged and glows like smaller... Read More

Leaving Their Mark: New gallery seeks to invigorate the art community of Santa Ana

In many areas all over the world, the dirtiest, grimiest places are also the places where the creative people are. Whether it be for low rent, more space, the love of the metropolis, or to invigorate communities through gentrification, sometimes the art is just better in the shitty neighborhoods. With low brow art movements originating in grimy areas of cities like NYC, L.A., Paris, Berlin, etc—Orange County is no different. The grimiest of grimy cities is also our beloved... Read More

Commodores in Newport: Getting back to their roots

Wayne White’s “Impossible” The new location for Newport Beach’s community college and art gallery is breathtaking. A massive new structure on the bluff overlooking the ocean made of steel, cement and glass is sure to be reason enough for anybody to go back to school. The art gallery at Coastline Community College is equally as impressive, and their new show, Commodores–the brainchild of Director and Curator, David Michael Lee–is a show not to... Read More

MOCA is losing its power in So-Cal

Baldessari leaves MOCA board NEWS.  On Thursday, July 13, 2012, renowned artist, John Baldessari resigned from his post on the board of trustees at MOCA. Baldessari’s exit is the fifth MOCA board member to leave since February. “His exit after 12 years is another signal that the old guard of L.A.’s contemporary art scene has grown disenchanted with its direction under Deitch,” according to LA Times writer, Mike Boehm. Baldessari told LA Times that his... Read More

Baseball and Art: OC’s two great passions

The Cut-Off Men Santa Ana, CA.  Downtown Santa Ana Artist’s Village gets a kick in the contemporary art butt with newest creative addition, Grand Central Art Center’s (GCAC) new Director and Chief Curator, John Spiak. Spiak is a whirlwind of creative energies, and his expertise in Relational Aesthetics and Social Practice are giving the Artist’s Village a transformative new take on the art scene in Orange County. Spiak is bringing in artists from all over the world, to... Read More