A Closer Look: Perplexing the Figure in Santa Ana

Based in the abstraction of the human form, “Figurative Perplexities” at the Q Art Salon in Santa Ana takes a different look at the classic fine art subject, through the lens of six very different artists. Jason Shawn Alexander, Shay Bredimus, Alex Krigbaum, Cecilia Paredes and Orion Fischer join Dan Catalano in the exhibit, tranforming the space of the Q into a kind of cathedral, in worship of the human form. Each room is precisely arranged and glows like smaller... Read More

A Little Shadow and a Little Light, MORE or less

It is common enough to be considered a universal experience, taking place within the realms of childhood, that when the sun goes down the imagination has full reign. The shadows that exist in closets or under the bed become dense, so much so that anything a little person could possibly imagine could exist within them. Eventually our brains become trained through experience that nothing need exist out of nothing and that the world provides us plenty to think about without the aid... Read More

Escaping the Pits of Despair: The work of Michael Giancristiano

Upon entering¬†artist Michael Giancristiano’s newly-minted Santa Ana workspace, you are greeted by the renowned collection of cylindrical plywood sculptures rising in various heights and circumference from the concrete floor in a scattered formation, The Pits of Despair: Regret, Uncertainty, Credit Card Dept, and the smaller works in between entitled “Empty People”. As pits go, they are incredibly beautiful, hard to miss and it is not until you are peering directly... Read More