O Tempora: Openings at SPARC and Bergamot Station

4:30 p.m., Venice Los de Abajo is a Southern California printmaking collective whose members strive to keep alive the Latin American tradition of printmaking while also experimenting with new techniques and individual expression. Their show “Division: Reflections and Shadows” at SPARC in Venice, Calif., an Art Deco former police station, is socially-engaged in a way uniquely appropriate to the coming Trumpocalypse, as in Yvette Mangual’s Flight, inspired by the... Read More

OC Artist Trace Mendoza is ‘Always Lurking’

Trace Mendoza creates hypnotic work that makes you feel inspired, inquisitive and strangely euphoric.   A seemingly schizophrenic fixation with cultural iconography, his Southern California homeland, psychedelic design, deconstructivism, and unlikely pairings, OC artist Trace Mendoza finds strange and fascinating narratives in his creations that are just as fantastical and weird as the artist himself. With an overtone of whimsy, Mendoza’s artworks combine the darkness... Read More