The Meticulous Majesty of Peter Greco in Laguna

Typographic street artist and designer Peter Greco has spent his entire adult life learning the mastery of communication through language and lettering. His artwork celebrates the centuries old tradition of the art of calligraphy and the fascinating world of typography while paying homage to the many different cultures that have kept this tradition alive. He has shown all over the country, but based out of Los Angeles and teaching at Art Center College of Design, his artwork rarely... Read More

DAX Gallery: Orange County gets an edge

Orange County has solid museums, vibrant artists and several local art scenes, yet the cultural footprint of art in the community remains pretty shallow. Residents don’t venture too far from their neighborhood and the idea of a gallery event as part of an interesting night out doesn’t resonate with younger generations. So what’s missing? How can we break through suburban inertia and make the OC art scene something bigger?  Alex Amador, owner of the new 4,500 square foot... Read More

Locals Only

  Title wall In the art world’s  recent obsession with Street Art, Pasadena Museum of California Art takes a closer look at the local level. This Street Art Exhibition is not MOCA’s copy cat partner, though the buzz coming into the museum was all about that — MOCA did it first, MOCA did it bigger, MOCA had the controversy, MOCA had the press. One thing that MOCA didn’t have that PMCA did, was local flavor. In a place like Southern California, with... Read More

Art in the Streets

Los Angeles, CA Okay, so the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA is not technically in the Orange County, but everybody who’s anybody was at this monster of an event! And you have to believe that OC Art Blog Followers were not going to miss out on this “members only” premiere. Art in The Streets is a huge milestone for street art as a whole, and for Los Angeles street art specifically. This event will go down in history. The first giant museum exhibit of street art... Read More