Bridges at an Exhibition: Miguel Palma’s “Synapse” at Coastline Gallery

In the sculptural work of Portuguese artist Miguel Palma, a cast concrete block might mark the open page of a favorite book. A half-finished Erector set model of the Eiffel Tower might appear alongside a 19th century photograph of the real Eiffel Tower at a similar stage in its construction. Engineering, architecture, history and even biomechanics all provide stimuli for the artist’s toylike imagination.

Currently wrapping up a three month residency at 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica, the Lisbon-based artist’s recent focus is on plotting the path from point A to point B.

Bridges become a metaphor for interconnectivity. In a solo show of drawings and installation on view at Coastline Gallery through January 23, bridges connect to bridges connecting to bridges.

(The title of the show is “Synapse” and what is a synapse, one might ask, if not a bridge between cells in the body?)

Below are some photos from the opening reception:





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