Highlights from the CSUF Faculty show

The 2015 faculty exhibition opened tonight at Cal State Fullerton’s Begovich Gallery (a chance, perhaps, for students to grade the teachers). Fine artists in the show include Julie Orser, Joe Biel and Joe Forkan. Rebecca Campbell fills an oven with classic paperback literature in Liebe Mütti (courtesy of LA Louver), presumably to be cooked until done at 451° Fahrenheit. Jim Jenkins supplies a kinetic sculpture consisting of school chairs, dunce cap, globe and paper airplane... Read More

Through the Looking Glass with Tiffany Ma

An MFA exhibit currently on view at Cal State Fullerton installs a fantastical world of imagination in the campus’ West Gallery, but like a wonderland apparition it’s only up for a few days, so if you’d like to see it in person you’ll have to visit soon! Tiffany Ma, who over the past few years has been involved with feminist collective performance art as part of the “Guerrila Gowns” project and was in the recent “Rage Bear” show... Read More

The Heroic Journey of “Recordings of an Immigrant” by Vincent Goudreau

The second wave feminists of the 1960s famously coined the phrase “the personal is political”. This is true of a vast number of issues, yet often times the very personal impact of political policies gets lost in the furious debates about fiscal impacts of laws or the hypothetical scenarios debated on television talk shows. At a time when immigration issues are hotly debated topic in United States politics, art can be a powerful tool that helps us connect to the personal... Read More

Duae Personae dominates Fullerton! A must see OC art show!

Fullerton, CA    Sculptor, S.A. Hawkins had his MFA thesis exhibition open this past saturday at Cal State Fullerton and rocked it! Alongside the large and impressive Faculty exhibit, S.A. took both of the other galleries (The East Gallery and the West Gallery) on the CSUF campus and dominated the night. His abstract and hypnotic glass and metal artworks are surprising and comforting, compelling narratives involving abstract life forms made of glass, metal, rust, found objects,... Read More


Pomona, CA Orange County artists, Preston Daniels and S.A. Hawkins made it out from behind the “orange curtain” last night for the new exhibition at the dA Center for The Arts entitled, A Sense of Place, a Sense of Space: Architecture and Landscape Inspired Art. These Cal State Fullerton artists are some of the most well known up-and-coming artists within our beloved orange bubble.   A Sense of Place, A Sense of Space Artists Daniels and Hawkins at dA Center opening.... Read More