Sam Oak @ Proof

This was probably the best thing going during the Santa Ana Artwalk last night. I was definitely bored with the artwalk this month. My friend and I was about to leave the area when I noticed a poster that said simply “art show” along with a red arrow pointing the way. Following it led me to a bar called Proof.

Sam is the co-curator of a small show inside the bar. But when he said to me that there would be live musical performances I knew I had to stay. Well, actually he told me he was going to perform experimental music. He had me at “experimental.”

I chatted up with Sam about Matmos and Phillip K. Dick. My friend recommended Charles De Lint for him to read. Oh, have I told you that Sam is a published writer as well? Just my kind of man.

We saw a great performance by the L.A. band The Magnificent Ambersons. Followed by Sam’s performance above.

My apologies for the darkness of the video. It’s sort of the nature of being inside a bar I guess. I wanted to shoot some footage of The Magnificent Ambersons performing, but it was way too dark to capture.


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