Polaroid2      Polaroid 6

            Thank you ISM and the Hibbleton Gallery for organizing the Polaroid Party in Fullerton last Friday.  To further celebrate this twentieth century icon I offer my brief list of obvious reasons why Polaroid instant film is so cool: the process of watching the picture develop is an experience, it comes with a white frame and a blank label, you can embed your thumbprint in it, it works like magic, every picture looks retro and old, the sound, one size fits all, and of course Instant Gratification.

            Sadly this exhibit opened as the era of Polaroid Instant Film closes.  With all 600 series film expected to expire by the end of this year this occasion is bittersweet for artists and enthusiasts saddened by the end of Polaroid’s Instant Film.  Rumors are growing, or maybe just hope, that Fujifilm or Ilford will produce a product identical to the one discontinued by Polaroid.  Until then, digital cameras can replace the immediacy of Polaroid, unfortunately not the magic.


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