Muckenthaler, We Will Meet

For the two years I have lived in Fullerton I have meant to
visit the Muckenthaler Cultural Center; it is local, it is affordable and it
supports the arts.  Unfortunately,
I never kept it on my radar-that is to say I never made an effort to learn
about the new exhibits and attend regularly.  The few exhibitions I did hear about, frankly, did not
interest me.  Based on this small
sampling of shows I never attended I unfairly, and subconsciously concluded the
Muckenthaler was for old people and made less of an effort to attend.

My impression of the Muckenthaler changed this morning when
I received an e-mail invitation to play croquet and bocce ball.  The Muck is not for old folks, but old
souls-Daisy Buchanans who live a life leisure and lawn sports.  

Sadly, I cannot attend tomorrow’s croquet and bocce ball tournament,
but I will invite friends to join me for October’s date.  In the meantime I hope to attend Dancing with the Beatles, contemporary
dance choreographed to songs by The Fab Four.  Whether I make it to this or not The Muckenthaler is now on
my radar and I hope to visit soon. -Krystal

Muckenthaler Leisure League: Sundays, September 13 and
October 11,  12:00 pm

Dancing with The
: Thursday, September 17, 7:00 pm


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