Downtown Anaheim Art District

Opening Reception this week & – Art Crawl Experience (ACE) FEB 12, 5-11pm & there is still time to get involved!!
Check out the hoping downtown Anaheim's art district. This weekend Rothick Art Haus will be presenting a new show "Subtle Nudges" on Saturday night. In February Christina Sanchez's Le Modern Trinket will be participating in the Art Crawl Experience (ACE)  Indie Arts and Crafts Fair on Feb 12th, 5-11pm with live music, food, and of course ART!  If you would like to participate in the indie arts and crafts fair there is still time.  See below for contact info.
Here is all the info to get you there:


 Rothick art haus presents “Subtle Nudges
“Subtle Nudges” debuts artwork by Joshua Lawyer in the main gallery and also introducing artwork by guest artist Prince James Alexander Parise
Opening: January 8th 7pm-11pm
Runs: January 8 – January 31, 2010

Here is what Christina is looking for in participants!!!

Stationary, clothing and accessories, plush toys, couture for our four legged friends, housewares, jewelry, artwork, ceramics, photography and gourmet edibles. If you are a handmade vendor and or artist and interested in being part of A.C.E please contact: 
Deadline is 01.15.2011 booth rental is ONLY $20. No joke I am not yanking your chain!
If you are interested don't wait.
See you there!
peace, Joanna

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