Chris Hoff


Chris Hoff started the OC Art Blog in 2004 as a way to build community and promote the marginalized but dynamic Orange County art scene. Chris is also responsible for the Hoff Foundation, a private arts foundation formed in 2008 with a commitment to and passion for the arts. The Hoff Foundation plays a significant and unique role in the development of the arts in Southern California by providing quarterly grants to artists and/or art organizations that are based in Orange County and/or Long Beach. As of January 2012 the Hoff Foundation has distributed over 30k in grants.

Chris’ day job is with the Chris Hoff Counseling, where he provides counseling services for individuals, couples and families.

Chris can be reached at: chrishoffmft (at)

2 Responses to “Chris Hoff”
  1. Deb Essex says:

    Pleasure meeting you both. Very cool blog, and will definitely use this information next time I am in CA

    • Chris Hoff Chris Hoff says:

      Hi Deb- Nice meeting you as well. Next time you’re in town if you want an art tour don’t hesitate to hit me up. Take care. Chris